The Gift

The Gift
The Gift

I came into work this morning and noticed a wrapped present in my in tray.

It looked about the size of a box of Cadbury Milktray, and I figured one of the Baptism families I’d taken a service for over the last month had dropped it in.

When I opened it, however, it was something completely different! One of my parishioners, having noticed me coughing & spluttering my way through the service on Sunday had put together a little “man flu” package. Even better, all the lozenges are sugar free!

Many who know me would be amazed to hear me say that tissues etc. are better than a box of chocolates, but I find it quite humbling and… just lovely, to know that people are thinking of you, and going out of their way to brighten your day.

Gotta love being part of God’s family!


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