I’m not going to lie to you, this post is a bit of a brag.

I told myself if I got to this point, I’d allow myself this little piece of pride.

I’ve managed to lose 20% of my body weight in just  under 4 months. Not exactly “Biggest Loser” pace, but good enough.

Another 6-8 kilos & I will be sitting bang in the middle of my suggest BMI weight.

What’s scariest is that I’m enjoying (most of) the food that I’m eating (normal stuff, just smaller portions & more healthy fruit & veg) and I’m even enjoying my chocolate more! (again, smaller portions…  but I look forward to it more).

I’m told the bigger challenge is maintaining!


One thought on “20%

  1. Nice job!! And you’re right, keeping it off can be the really hard part. It’s so so easy to slip back into old habits.

    In 2011/early 2012 I lost nearly 15 kilos, then gained over HALF of it back. Finally back to counting calories and eating the right kinds of foods. Feels good!

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