Bottled History

St Eutychus posted this first.

I love artisans.

I love people who are devoted to doing things that I’d never have the time or patience for.

Also, people are interesting, stories are interesting, passion is interesting.

I particularly like how this fella speaks of the enjoyment that he gets from finishing a boat: “It gives you a good feeling, probably like an artist when they finish a painting.” I could be reading too much into it, but I feel like he doesn’t see himself as an “artist” as such, just a guy who sticks miniature boats into bottles. To me, people like him are the best kinds of artists. He’s not interested in being an artist, he just likes that thing he does. He wants to do it to the best of his abilities, andĀ this is what really makes what he does art!

Why not watch & see if you agree…


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