Slow Change

Can I tell you that they always play well together? Heck no, there are times when they go at each other, hammer and tongs!

But do they love each other? Yeah, they do. They are rarely more than a couple of meters away from each other. They share a room, they share their food, and despite knowing, categorically, that they aren’t identical twins, they share a very similar look!

The twins are slowly changing. A word or two sneaks into their vocabulary. Now, when they don’t do something they are usually be actively disobedient rather than just not understanding.

I think it’s about to get interesting!

And now… cut to the cute photos.

The progression...
The progression…
Happy little vegetates
Happy little vegemites
Love, baby, love, that's the secret!
Love, baby, love, that’s the secret!
They even provide each other transport!
They even provide each other transport!

3 thoughts on “Slow Change

  1. Wow, I haven’t popped on for a look for ages Timbo. How lucky I did today. It was so rewarding to see the photos……

    We are thinking of you all and sending love
    the Willow Downs crew

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