What kind of record?

According to the BBC article (click on the pic to visit it), Nick Hancock is an adventurer. His record breaking achievement required him to sit on a rock for fourth two days.

Now I’m a big fan of all things Scottish, and I am all for the idea of finding extra time for personal reflection, but this is the kind of thing that just leaves me wondering. Have we so little to do with our time, that we have to invent challenges like this to keep ourselves entertained?

Of course, just when I was despairing, I realised nick had a website. On his site he notes that the main reason he is doing this is to raise money for “Help for Heroes,” a charity that supports British Soldiers who are wounded at war.

So… spending up to 60 days on a small piece of rock… the ultimate waste of time, might somehow find redemption if the outcome is that it raises funds for people who can often feel trapped by their disability.

On one side I am a little sorry that I doubted Nick.

On another, I still think there must have been a lot of money that went into this expedition that might have been employed in a more effective way.

But I’m also glad that, with a little bit of ingenuity, even the most obscure and useless things can find some kind of redemption!

After all, isn’t that God’s promise to us?






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