We’re hitting the stage of life where lego is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes the kids like to build things following instructions, and sometimes they like to make up their own creations. Either way, as I parent I’m happy. I really can’t think of a better present for a kid than lego.

I was chatting to a guy at church who is lego mad. He has rooms full of amazing stuff and builds the kind of things that lego doesn’t officially make. For example, he just built a brewery that would be over a foot high and at least a foot wide & deep. To do this you need instructions from the lego fan who created it, then you need to source the pieces from your collection, and failing that, online.

All of a sudden I had an idea. If there are places online that sell individual parts, why not make lego versions of our family? I could collect props for people, and then whenever we go on holidays etc. we could take pictures of our lego selves also (I’m calling them mini-Gs. We’ll see if the name sticks….). With a little seed-money from my mum, I jumped onto a couple of sites, and a couple of weeks later, I had the little people you see above!

Are they absolute doppelgängers? Maybe not, but I think they are pretty good. Certainly close enough that you can guess who everyone is pretty easily.

I’m looking forward to thinking of creative ways to use the mini-Gs. (Don’t worry, I’ll post real pictures too!)





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