Good Friday

It’s a great day to remember the person and work of Jesus Christ.

This morning, at our Avoca Church, we looked at three deaths in the gospel of John.

1. The death of the disciples idealism: They would have imagined a messiah who was a political & military figure, bringing power and new authority to the people of Israel.

2. The death of innocence for the Pharisees: Up until then they’d been the Wylie Coyotes of the Bible. The blustered & carried on about Jesus, but weren’t really effective in challenging him in any meaningful way. That changes when they finally bring about their plan for his death.

3. But all is swallowed up in Jesus’ death, where he achieves through his sacrifice the death of death for all who put their trust in him.

This afternoon, the kiddliwinks got to make Hot Cross Buns with their mum. Lots of fun!

At night…. I finally got a chance to see “Skyfall.” I understand why it’s been touted so much. Favourite line? “Welcome to Scotland!”

Here’s the obligatory kid pictures…

Pumpkin gets her hands dirty
Pumpkin gets her hands dirty
Having a go
Having a go
The finished product
The finished product




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