One day in three parts

We had a lovely day off today. We seemed to cram so much in that I’m going to have to post it in three parts.

It will be almost all photos, so this ought to hold at bay all those who’ve been wanting lots more pictures of the family.

We grabbed a quick photo or two before we left the house, happy that the Bear & the Boss are sitting up happily now.

Happy Bear
Happy Bear


It’s loving to see Pumpkin playing with her little brothers

I love to see the sibs play with each other.

While the bear played on the ground, the Boss scored extra snuggles from mum!


Step two was head to our favourite Cafe!

Kiddies corner is the best!
Gumnut at play.
A rare moment where none of the kids needs something…
I just love this picture of my wife!

I’m always happy for the caffeine. The kids are always happy if they get a babycino, and doubly happy if they get to share some banana bread with mum & dad!

Contemplation of the Banana Bread. “It will be mine!”
Happy to have some family time.
Pointing to where all the food & drink goes.
Marshmallows were swapped for little Easter eggs this weekend.
No babycino for me? No worries!

Really, one of the best things about Loo Loo’s Coffee Warehouse is Loo Loo herself. The kids love her even more than we do!

Chatting with Loo Loo
Fun Times
Boss: “Heh, they’re taking photos of us!”
Bear: “What?”


There was lots more to do, but that will have to wait for another time.


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