The Joys of Technology

Who knows, maybe my move into a new technological age will usher in a resurgence in my blogging?
When we moved out to Ourimbah, we moved into an area that our old service provider doesn’t cover, so we had to cancel our plan & today we finally got online with our new provider. Two big differences.
1: Instead of being mobile broadband, we are now ADSL. Man, it is SOOO much faster, even at mere ADSL1! What a glorious world when you can watch movie previews & you don’t have to wait 5 minutes for them to download. Just to sweeten the deal, having a bigger download limit means I can watch a preview I can actually see!!!!
2: The wonderful world of WiFi!!!!!! I can be on a computer & Shona is on the lap top!!! Even better, we just connected the Wii, so Phil, Matty & Nic, email me (my usual email) so I know who you guys are….
What a wonderful world when you’re connected


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