Winning Ugly

Chicken George
(lamentably not me….)
I’m not going to tell you that I sprinted the thing. I’m not going to pretend to be annoyed because the TV only showed the top 10 & I came in at 11. I wont even hide from the fact that a large number of pre-teens probably beat me to the finish line.
I may have won ugly, but at least I can say that I finished the city to surf. Given the busy work schedule I have had over the last month, resulting in close to 0% training, I was happy just to be involved!
It’s nice to get out, it’s nice to enjoy a little bit of God’s creation & it is nice to wonder at how beautifully the human body is made. Such diversity, such fragility (you pass a lot of people with sprained ankles over 14kms) and such sturdiness!
It was also nice to raise over $500 for the [“Jesus All About Life”]( campaign. In fact, it is still going, so feel free to follow [this link]( if you’d like to make a donation!
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5 thoughts on “Winning Ugly

  1. Lamentably no, it’s not me…. That’s “Chicken George” who works for the Bible Society!
    I’ll amend my blog, lest I confuse the gen-pop.

  2. Aaaah, I miss the City to Surf – can’t wait to get back into it next year! Looks like it was a great day – good on you for doing it on 0% training: it can be a hard slog that way: I know, I’ve done it!

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