Been a long time comin'

So, I am not the most regular of individuals.
I think [Tricia’s]( words resonated with me when she said words to the effect “when you miss a couple of days it becomes easier to miss some more.” It’s not that I don’t think of things to write, it is just that I never get around to it. I really ought to be more disciplined.
So, I have no excuse now, as I sit here in my [big sister’s]( house on a rainy day. Amy is so much better at blogging, and she has a swanky new computer, so I really ought to make the most of this opportunity.
Of course, it means that there wont be any photos, because I don’t have the stuff to upload from my camera here, but that is OK.
The last week & a bit have been HOLIDAYS!!! Yeah baby! It has been a long time coming! I spent a week hanging out with my little bro & his wife & kid (I would link his blog, but he certainly beats me at not blogging…. I think his last blog entry was over a year and a half ago) down in the lovely city of Melbourne. We shopped, we walked, we ate, we shopped some more (looking for things for Shona, finding things for me! Score!) and most importantly, we ate all kinds of chocolate from some pretty impressive stores. I think Amy has already mentioned it, but I bought some chocolate that has bacon & Chipotole in it! Oh man, it blows the mind!!!!
I have also been enjoying doing a little more reading. I put my Fantasy novels away for two weeks & have been reading fiction purely for the pleasure. Last week was “High Fidelity” and this week has been Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” Very good…
Anyway, I am sure I will blog a couple of more times while I am here.
Meanwhile, here is a photobooth pic of me & JTB….
Photo 1.jpg


3 thoughts on “Been a long time comin'

  1. Welcome back 😀
    Not sure chocolate + bacon is a good combo (not that I’ve actually tried it), though I do dig a little chilli chocolate.

  2. I knew if I checked your page regularly enough something would eventually appear here! Haven’t seen you on the Wii circuit either. Glad to see you’re having fun in Melbourne. Matilda is looking forward to meeting you when you’re back in the state (and we’re keen to catch up too).

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