New Diggs

Hey there Peeps,
I am back & I’m ready for action!
It’s been a pretty busy time over the last little while. Kids Games was in the first week of the holidays & it was HUGE! About 160 kids in total, with up to 125 on any given day. What a great chance to share the good news about Jesus with lots of young kids.
But the real work, the thing that has us all tuckered out, happened this week. Shona, Pumpkin & I have finally moved a couple of suburbs North to Ourimbah!
The move happened on Monday & so far we are stoked with the new place. The parish bought it as an investment & we get to reap all the benefits. Lots of room, solid entertaining area & a kick-butt area for a study. Let’s just say that Tim is LOVING having his own “reading room.”
It’s been a mad rush to try & get the joint sorted ASAP so we can both continue in the swing of work & the like.
In other news, Pumpkin continues to grow up cute & happy. If only she were cute, happy & a little more sleepy….
Anyway, we now have our good friends Bruce & Susan 2 doors down from us, so we’re off to dinner at their place. Here’s a couple of photos for those house-curious types…
The house
Here’s the house from the front. It looks huge, but it is merely big…. Those lovely trees behind us, however, mean that we get about 0% sunlight & polar-like conditions inside the place…
The view from there
The front porch is lovely. I have already spent one evening out there, Pumpkin in the bouncer & me on a chair reading a book. Ahhhh the serenity!
Here is where the magic happens! I LOVE this room. I love being about to see all my books & I love a place where I feel surrounded by the collected wisdom of thousands of greats as I read away at whatever…
Here we have the pumpkin. Can a new father ever blog without including at least one picture of his pride & joy?
Soft Focus
This is me playing with the idea of soft focus… I like it, but I may be the only one…


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