I don't even know where to start

All I know is that I do want to start again…
I know one place where many want me to start is by posting more pictures of “The Pumpkin” (I’ve decided not to use her name on the blog, so her foetal moniker will stay)
So if that’s your bag, then have no fear, there are a bucket load of them coming up, unless you’ve already seen them on Facebook.
Otherwise, where to go? Well, On Wednesday morning I spoke at an old people’s home about the first 7 verses of Revelation 2, and I think, applying a theological text to a blog, that I have “forgotten my first love” and need to get back in touch with the passion. You know those times when you start to observe everything more critically & pour it out in actual interesting ways!
I need to get observational again… We’ll just see if it happens.
One micro thought is this. (I apologise, I don’t want it to be a too baby-centric blog, but I can’t help myself on this occasion) Is one of joy of babies that their emotions are hardwired to their bodies?
Bubs just don’t seem to have that lag period we adults do, where everything has to be processed through the brain. It can be an earthshattering smile that comes out of nowhere, and that smile can be crying a minute later. Each feeling valid, each fascinating & each entirely spontaneous.
Do we fail to feel as much as we ought? Am I too involved in a taxonomy of my feelings to enjoy *actually* feeling them? Are we so caught up in a post-enlightenment valuation of equinimity that letting one’s self go & feeling those emotions is deemed *shock horror* unstable!?
Or maybe, do we just have a little more context? It’s a little less new? The coming months will tell…
Meanwhile, let the baby-fest begin!
This is one of my favourites at the moment. She has a really thoughtful look about her. Who needs a holiday when there are endless journeys to be taken in those soulful eyes?
Unmitigated Joy
There’s one of those emotions I was talking about.
That looks seems to say “Don’t tell me that this is how I will see you for the next 21 years… hiding behind a lens?”
Another thoughtful pose.
Finally, in honour of my big sister, a couple of pictures of the Banoffee Pie that Shona made the other night. A culinary masterpiece… or is it a calorie masterpiece?
The whole Pie
Banoffee Piece


3 thoughts on “I don't even know where to start

  1. gorgeous… (the pie that is). Claire has some deep issues with bananas so she wont make me one. And the little pumpkin isn’t so little any more! looking forward to seeing the 3 of you soon.

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