Happy Days

Happy Girl
They are going quickly, and they are very busy…
Still, no excuse.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I got to go to Greg & Belinda’s wedding. I always knew it was going to be a one-of-a-kind affair & they didn’t let me down.
Commentary during the service kept things light, but a lovely song by one of Greg’s step-daughters & a heartfelt speech to his wife, the stepdaughters & his sons really brought the mood to a heartfelt sombre tone.
Of course, then came the blowup castle & bull-riding machine & it was off again!
Horizontal N
The rest of the night after that was a hoot!
Other news is either Annika-centric…. She is doing well, smiling more (as the prior photo evidences) but not sleeping as much as mum and dad would like, or news just revolves around church things. I go to a “Priestly Formation” class every thursday, and apart from the 5:55am train I have to catch, I find the whole thing to be a real blessing!
I have a bunch of different ideas for different stuff to connect with the community. We’re about to make use of our video watching license at church, by having a movie on one Sunday a month. “Life is Beautiful” coming up on June 7th… You’re all invited.
And otherwise life just rolls on.
I have been thinking about other stuff though, and, hopefully I will get around to blogging about it sooner or later… But in the mean time, after a couple of months off, it is back onto the bike tomorrow morning… Thanks Byron!!
And to keep the family happy, another couple of pictures of the treasure…
THis picture makes it look like she is doing something very naughty in her pants!


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