I know, I should have something profound to say, but don’t worry, I am sure I will have something by the time I blog next. By this time next week I will be the Rev. Tim Goldsmith!
I’m off to ordination retreat tomorrow morning, and I stay there till Friday afternoon, when I head back to Newcastle & get ordained on Friday night!
I’m excited at the prospect & excited about the idea of having a week (OK, only 5 days) to spend in prayer and contemplation, even if the threat of a “silent retreat” freaks me out a little.
So I should be more inspired to write, but I miss my wife who is down in Sydney for the week for her big conference.
So it looks like your luck is out!
But instead, here are a couple of cute pictures of my soon-to-be God-daughter!
Girl Power
I think this one has a very “Girl Power’ feel to it. The raised fist makes it for me!
Little One
More of the standard cute shot, but I still like it…


2 thoughts on “Away

  1. For the first photo, how do you have the background all black? I am about to get into baby photos soon!!
    take care, man!

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