Almost but not quite…

So the big news was looking like it was going to be that Shona & I are house owners, but as it turns out, it wasn’t to be.
Right to the very moment of signing we were, but then we got back pest & building inspections & they were pretty darn questionable. We made another, amended offer, allowing for all the work that would need to be done, but didn’t get a favourable reply.
In the end, when the other party refused to show documentation that a converted garage was council approved, and when they couldn’t show that they had done any protection work after having a history of termites, we decided to cut our losses…
So, it’s sad news there.
The good news is that we’re not lumped with a big mortgage on a place that needs lots of work! Now it’s just a matter of seeing where the church will put us!


4 thoughts on “Almost but not quite…

  1. Hello Tim.
    I was just visiting you on Facebook wondering about your ordination and then decided to come here.
    Wow, looking for a house is exciting and interesting to us because Edward is also looking, mind you that is in Coonamble…. and we are just learning about Builders Reports and such. We are off to Dubbo tomorrow to see if he can get a loan.
    I feel if it did not come off for you then there must be a good reason and another door will open.
    Tim, when are you being ordained> I realise I should remember but I don’t and there are we Aunts and Uncles up here who are very pround of you , so could you remind me? Love to you and Shona and the bumb….. Maurny

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