Do I?

Do I?
I’ve been thinking a whole lot about blogging. I just haven’t done any.
It’s been a big couple of weeks.
Silent retreat, ordination, Shona’s big conference, mum’s birthday, it’s all been happening. I’ve been thinking about a lot of it & not writing.
I think I might just start again. I’m committing myself to blogging weekly at our [Youth Group]( webpage, but I think I need to extend that commitment to here. I think I’ll spend more time writing about what I am thinking of, what I am preaching on, and then see if I can fit a photo or two in there too.
Anyway, I do have a couple of photos for you. The one above was from the roof of a tunnel in Sydney city. The ones below are from a “high tea” that Shona & I had on Saturday.
The last chance we have to go out on a date before the baby? Who knows?
Tempting treats
Just some of the minis on offer. I know [Amy]( would kill me if I didn’t blog the food. I’m looking forward to [Amy]( putting up some stiff competition in the Creme Brulee stakes… they were tasty!
You’d look happy if you had this food ahead of you! We also had a 3 page list of different teas available to us. I had an awesome Ayam (sp?) tea that had malty & cocoa undertones… very nice


3 thoughts on “Do I?

  1. Looking forward to pics of baby goldsmith. Tim and I never made it to our last date before baby. She decided to arrive early.

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