Inner Child
It will never be green like this photo in Australia.
But over the last week it has certainly had all the rain. To be honest, I had forgotten that it could rain like this in OZ. Deep, driving, constant rain. I think it’s been going for about a week.
Days like today are fairly good for doing work. It’s just the right kind of weather to camp out in front of your computer & bang out a bunch of Bible studies for youth group & spiff up your sermon for Sunday.
That said, it would be an even better day to be snuggled up in bed, a good book (for me the picture in my head will always be Lord of the Rings… a product of my childhood) some chocolate (again, my formative years declare that they must be “chocolate bullets”, preferably the now defunct pascalls brand) with a Teddy bear (and now the option of my wife!) by your side.
Well, unfortunately, my day is more of the work & less of the vegging. Still, there’s always a spare moment to remember lush green walks & rainy days with my niece’s bear in bonny Scotland.


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