Easy decisions

(Eggs Benedict)
Should we go up to visit my parents over the ANZAC weekend? Well, they are on a nice vineyard in the Hunter, I do enjoy spending time with them, it is a chance to get out of the house and relax… They are all good reasons, but the clincher is when mum says “How about I make you Eggs Benedict for breakfast?”
We weren’t able to stay for the whole weekend, because I was preaching twice on Sunday morning (which went well, thank you for asking… I was preaching on the second half of Acts 17. Apparently, according to a reader at one of the services, Paul spoke at the Asparagus!), but we were able to head up on Thursday evening & stay till Saturday afternoon.
Rain was the name of the game, like most of the coast around Sydney, but with a warm fire going, a couple of scrabble games, and a cheeky red wine or two, the rain just added to the ambience.
Follow that up with a lovely misty morning on the Saturday & you have a recipe for success. The only downside to all the precipitation was that when we attempted to leave, the bridge at the end of road was under a metre of water! We had to drive 15km around to get off on another bridge. Again, all part of the fun.
Well, I have some other thoughts in my noodle that I would love to share, but they might have to wait for another post, which will hopefully only be in a day or so.
Instead, enjoy a couple of pics..
Foggy morning
The foggy morning was lovely. There are a million little spiders webs on the vines!
Once the mist lifted, Saturday was magic. Not that that would make this a magic mushroom…
The road “should” continue down to a lovely wooden bridge.
Happy floods
A testimony to Shona’s patience that she still looks happy having driven 15kms to get around to the this side of the bridge…


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