I don’t know what you’re talking about dude, it hasn’t been that long!
Oh, what, ten days? OK, so maybe longer than I said I would leave without calling, but hardly the kind of timeframe that ruins a friendship or anything, right?
If it’s any consolation, I have been fairly busy.
Hey, don’t laugh!
Yeah, I know, I thought holiday time would mean that life is cruisy too, but it never seems to work that way.
Well, I guess it’s like that because I wanted to make sure that I am on top of things for next term. That means putting together Bible study series….
Hey, as a digression, how do you pluralise a word like series? Serieses? series’ serii? None of them ever sound right.
Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah, between Bible study stuff for youth group, writing a couple of sermons… Did I mention that I got sick? Nothing serious, just a cough & a cold, but it was enough to take that sparkling edge off me. Anyway, add all the other minutiae that make up the average week, and things just disappeared.
Like I said though, it wasn’t all bad. Do you remember Tom & Ruth? They’re from the halcyon days at Dural Anglican. Anyway… hey, do I use the word “anyway” too often? anyway, Tom & Ruth offered us free tickets to come with them & see the Swans play at Telstra stadium! Yeah, I know, sweet, but it gets better. We were only 4 rows from the grass, right in the middle of the field. Dude, seriously, Barry Hall broke his wrist about 3 meters from where I sat. Unfortunately I had already put the camera away by then…
Yeah, I took the big camera.
Look, tell you what, let me go to bed now and I’ll promise to get back to you real soon, and just to sweeten the deal, I’ll pop in a couple of the pics from my night out. Deal?
Go Swannies.jpg
Look, I know it is obligatory, but it really catches the mood of AFL. As a sport, they continually seem to be tipping their hats to the 30s & 40s… gotta love the streamer-wall anyway…
Go Swannies-3.jpg
I’m not going to pretend like I know any of their names. I can appreciate the sport, but you know I am a rugby guy. Anyway (there I go again!) you have to appreciate the athleticism, plus you get an idea in this pic of how truly close we were!
Go Swannies-2.jpg
For some odd reason, a lot of my photos are of the Eagles taking marks. Quite odd, considering how much they got beaten by!
Go Swannies-4.jpg
That’s better. We got to see a lot of this that night, which is perfect for your first night of live AFL! I’ll have to thank Tom & Ruth properly later!


One thought on “Hardly

  1. I’m a bit sick of ticking the ‘remember personal info’ box because it never does! Anyway, (I can do it too) welcome back, even if football of any description is not exactly my favourite subject. What happened to the lamb?

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