Good times

On Saturday I went to Matt & Lisa’s place for lunch.
Good times.
It’s nice to catch up with one of your oldest mates & just kind of chill.
It’s even better when the two of you are married & you can bring along your wives (and not too bad when his lovely sister-in-law and husband are there too)
And it’s truly good times when they have two gorgeous boys for you to hang out.
Young kids are just like free entertainment. Who needs foxtel when you can watch the wild hijinx of “T” and “W”. Will “W” be able to fit a whole piece of cake in his mouth at once? How psyched up can we get “T” as he heads lots of sugary stuff, then how likely is it that we will be able to beat Matt at Wii tennis, if “T”, a four year old, is his partner?
Here’s a couple of pics from the day. (Oh, and much thanks needs to go to Lisa for all her fantastic hosting skills. We were serious when we said the lasagna tasted awesome!)
Video Killed the Radio Star
“T” is rockin’ it out old-skool style.
I’ve never seen such a whole-body effort when it comes to eating lunch.
They must be used to cameras… “W” is trying to push “T” out of the way. Who wants to share a closeup?
This was one of the early attempts of “W” to use his hand to eat cake, before he resorted to simply diving his face into it. Very cute!


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