Preset memories

Occasionally I find out new things about certain programs on my computer. Just yesterday I found out that you can download “presets” for “Adobe Lightroom“, which are the optimum technical settings for different styles of photo. A preset for the “Lomo effect”, or HDR, even Velvia style… Lots of fun.
Occasionally I remember that I have thousands of old photos that I can look at & remember. It’s nice to travel through Europe again, or relive first year of college.
When my revelation last night met my interest in some of my old photos, I decided to have a go at fixing/playing with some of the oldies. I am happy with the following, but would appreciate feedback. You never know as a photographer, whether you are more excited by the new process you have applied more than the photo itself…
Easyjet is a beautiful thing! Cheap flights everywhere. I think I got 6 flights for the equivalent of about $400!
I caught a train from Venice to Nice in this carriage. A short while after this shot I went to go to the bathroom. When I got there, the floor was flooded & I was just in socks, so I headed back to my cabin & found a guy fiddling with the door, trying to break into my room. He saw me & then just walked away. Had I not turned back, I could have lost my camera & a bunch of valuables! God is good!
Edinburgh itself is a beautiful city. I really love it. This is looking from George IV bridge, down onto the Cowgate.


One thought on “Preset memories

  1. Beautiful pix, Tim, as always 🙂 The effects you’ve added give them such a classic look – the plane one looks like it’s from the 50’s or something! And that is an amazing story re: the train!

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