What's old is new again.

So I continue to potter around with old photos.
I have to admit that for the last little while I have worried that I have lost a bit of my passion for photography, but just playing around over the last little while has been great. I found a HEAP of old photos that I put onto lightroom & it’s been great being able to breath new life into old shots, relive the old days & see how I have also developed in my craft.
With all that said, I think I will have to give my poor congregation a bit of a rest from the endless photo-essays at church. They get to enjoy every whim & fancy that I come up with.
Please enjoy a couple more shots from Scotland. No matter how I feel about photography, my love for all things caledonian remains!
Edinburgh Roof
The roof from the apartments across the road from where I lived. Why do they call them APARTments, when they are all stuck together?
The Meadows
They call this place “The Meadows.” It is a lovely big park area just outside the centre of the city. Man it was nice to head there when the weather was warmish & thousands of people were just chilling & enjoying that foreign object to all Scots, the Sun!


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