New Things

So it’s back to work after a big weekend of Easter.
I had a good time over easter. We had Sim, Dave & Michelle up for the weekend, which was fun. I got to do a kids talk at church & felt like it went down a treat, so that was a bonus too. Finally, on Sunday evening we had a dinner as a church & it was great. Nice food, good company & instead of having a sermon, we had 4 readings done by different members of the congregation where they injected their own thoughts/feelings/ideas into the reading. It was a good time.
I’ve started a new blog for our Youth Group called “The WAY”. At the moment, the only info on it is mirrored in stuff that is being done here, but I assure you (probably 5) readers that there will be lots of original information going up there in the very near future. Check it out anyway.
Well, It’s also a sad week this week. My little Bro, his wife & child are moving down to Melbourne tomorrow, which will be the source of much sadness for Shona & I.
The only good news to come out of the move (hopefully) is that P,K & C will have to be more diligent in their blogging, so we can all keep up now… Here’s hoping!


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