Last Withdrawal

So this photo is from Friday.
Joel & I went to the “Sculptures by the Sea” exhibit to take some photos & check out what’s new. I’ve been there each of the last three years during exams. I think this year was pretty good!
Anyway, I am sure I will post some pictures of the sculptures themselves, but first off, there is the blood.
I am fortunate that giving blood really doesn’t bother me. My veins are easy to find (apparently). I bleed really quickly, so I don’t take up too much time. To top it all off, I’m not really queasy about needles either, so it is interesting to watch something slip into your flesh & then see your lifeblood slowly seeping out.
However, I am busy, and I am lazy, so this means that I don’t give blood nearly as often as I should.
So, back to the story. Joel and I had gone & taken photos on Friday morning. We had also enjoyed the yearly stop at a place in Bondi that has $6 big breakfasts (and I have to say, on this occasion, it tasted like it barely made the $6 value), then we headed into the city to check out a “Lomo” store. I found out the address in Elizabeth street, then we decided to walk there. Joel & I walked for about half an hour, but when we got to the right number on Elizabeth street, there was no Lomo store there…. wait for it….
But there was a blood bank!
It had just opened, it was new and shiny & we had some time to kill. I’d been meaning to give blood for months, but had not found the time to head down to Parramatta & do it. It was fun & nice to help out!
Anyway, there is a sign of God’s sovereignty in the small things. I don’t think I will use this story in my Old Testament Apocalyptic exam that I sit in less than two hours, even if it does fit with the flow of God’s revelation in Daniel as both worldwide and personal….
Instead, enjoy another picture of my arm, if you are the praying type, then pray for my exam today, and if you are of age, then get off your butt & go & give blood. For those American readers out there, this is particularly aimed @ you! You suckers can even get paid for it I believe!!!!
Peace out!
(Oh, and I just remembered. The reason for the blog title is because this is my last exam before graduation! Praise the Lord!!!!)


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