Back, but for the last time….

"The Hoff"
Don’t worry dear reader (both of you), I am not talking about my blog. I am talking about College! Here I am, again, preparing for exams (and posting the obligatory study photo). This time, the ride is proving to be a fairly smooth one. Only two exams to write, only five essays in total. I also have my ethics reading to do, but as the previous post notes, I am enjoying that a fair bit.
In other news, we took a trip up to the Central coast yesterday. It was a chance for Shona to have a look at the church, the area, meet my new boss & finally to come along to an evening service. It was good to do all of these things, but I would say that the highlight had to be a lunch-break at “The Skillion,” which is a sticky-outy (technical term) bit of land at the end of Terrigal beach. We sat and ate fish & chips & stared out over the ocean. Of course, this was all less than 20 minutes away from our parish, so you can rest assured that many days (and millions of photos) will be spent at this place in the future!
Anyway, I’ll give you another picture of some books (just for good measure) then it’s off to compare Calvin, Luther & Zwingli’s views of the eucharist! Oh, the fun never ends!


7 thoughts on “Back, but for the last time….

  1. Maybe I need to do a proper post about this one?
    My new job is in the Newcastle Diocese, for the Anglican church. I will be working for the Wyoming parish, working three days a week as a Youth Minister & the rest of the time I will be providing pastoral oversight of a church plant in Lisarow & working on evangelism & outreach in the parish as a whole.
    We’ll be living somewhere in the Parish. We don’t know exactly where yet, but I suspect Lisarow (The Wyoming parish is just North of Gosford & runs from Wyoming up to Ourimbah, which is on of the exit/entrances for the Freeway).
    Is that enough for the moment? I’ll fill in more soon.
    When are we going to get the next post on your blog?

  2. Plans for next year sound awesome Tim, congratulations and God bless (a follow-up post would be great) 🙂
    Ill be dipping into a bit of Luther, Zwinlgi and Calvin on the Lord’s Supper as well next week – perhaps we should share some resources?? (Though i might be able to avoid writing an essay on it, so may not study it, see how time goes…)
    Hope you guys are well.

  3. Hi Tim,
    Sounds like a good weekend! Don’t think that you only have two readers…I regularly read your blog and love hearing about what you are up to and your thoughts on particular subjects…and also your photography!
    Keep on posting and I will keep on reading!
    Take care mate.

  4. Hey Tim!
    What is this about next year?! I do believe we should get to hear some more about it 😉
    Sounds great though! Congrats! How exciting!
    Look forwrad to hear how it all goes, will keep you both in my prayers!
    In Him

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