7 thoughts on “…And I'm done

  1. Hurrah! Well done on finishing your exams!
    And well done on giving blood. I donate blood a couple of times a year when the mobile blood bank comes to the uni. I don’t particularly like it, but it’s not really a problem. I don’t faint or anything (although walking back up the stairs to my office is a bit of a problem), but I don’t particularly like the feel of the needle in my arm. I’m fascinated by the blood spurting out, though.
    My veins are pretty good too, on my right arm at least. Once, the guy was determined to get the needle into my left arm, even though I told him the right arm would be better, and he ended up jabbing the needle into a muscle instead of the vein. He blamed my vein for moving. I was not impressed!
    What’s on your agenda now that you’ve finished college?

  2. Hey Dude. As I think I mentioned a blog or two ago (Or did I? Maybe just in a comment?) I am heading up to Newcastle diocese to work full-time. Over the next month or two I’ll be working for Anglicare as a driver in their toys-n-tucker appeal, and just doing bits & pieces of prep work for church & stuff. Nice to be done & be free to just go home & watch movies all afternoon if I choose though…

  3. woooohoooo!!
    Congratulations Tim! Thats gotta be a good feeling!
    And exciting to think what you will be doing in the future with what this degree has brought you! 🙂

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