What happens when you get a taste of freedom?

This is the crazy look you get when you are free from classes…. or the look you get when they have all-you-can-eat prosciutto at the graduates retreat. Dan & I were similarly enthusiastic about that one!
So, it has been a week since I finished up at college and have rediscovered reading for pleasure. So far I’ve read “Band of Brothers”, the book that my favourite TV series was based on. It was worthwhile reading, even though I knew the story intimately, having watched the series about a zillion times. I’m also part way through “The Flying Scotsman”, a biography of Eric Liddell, the man they made “Chariots of Fire” about. I’m definitely a fan of Eric’s. One of the greatest sportsmen ever, and an inspirational Christian too! I’m also thinking that I’ll start “Becoming Conversant with the Emergent Church” (Don Carson) soon, as a prep for next year.
I’ve also discovered working for an income! I’ve had a couple of days working for Anglicare again with the “Toys’n’Tucker” appeal. The first day I did a bit of ferrying in a station wagon, but today we got to pick up our vans. Big 1.8 tonne mammas! It certainly was fun today getting used to my van & trying to park it properly when doing pickups in the middle of Cronulla, then the middle of the Sydney CBD! That was a challenge!
Over the weekend, I enjoyed the pleasures of grad-celebrations and Bucks nights. Friday was college dinner, Sunday was grad ceremony. Saturday was Dave Kerridge’s bucks, which involved Summer Hill Pub, Enfield Park, Absinthe, A shop Manequin & A police officer. Of course, this sounds very questionable, but I can assure you that it was all above board. Nice to have a bunch of guys together goofing around in a good-natured way, and I particularly liked praying together with the guys for Kerridge at the end of the night.
Otherwise, not too much to tell. We have a new Prime Minister, but I’ll leave discussion of such a matter to those people more politically astute than myself. Oh, as promised, please find some more pictures. These are from the Sculptures by the sea exhibition.
Probably my fave sculpture & my fave picture from the day. I really liked the rusty colours in this.
Awesome Ants
“Attack of the Ants.” These were pretty amazing. I particularly liked that each ant, made of machine parts, actually looked like it could have run as a real engine.
Joel @ work
“The Master at Work.” The morning was made by Joel coming along for photos too. He’s a good man & a fun guy to take snaps with.
“Scary.” This isn’t from “Sculptures by the sea” and it certainly isn’t a good picture of me, but it’s important to be humble enough to put up the occasional “ugly, but interesting” shot right?


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