1: God is Cool. He gives me strength when I feel like I have no idea about things, so exams are coming along OK. We have plans for the wedding that just fall into place and generous people who pop out of nowhere & deliver the very things we need to feel secure.
2: My friends are cool. It takes someone with an awesome sense of perspective to be walking to lunch with you and say “I really enjoyed my exam this morning when I remembered that I am writing about great truths.” and can follow up with “I am not sure I passed the exam, but I know I learned a lot from the course”. Nai is cool.
Matty is also cool. Involved in putting together my bucks day. It should be a hoot (Mexican, Wii, Barefoot bowling and Pub food!) plus he gets to stand next to me in a week and a half.
3: My family is cool. It was fun to be at C’s third birthday on the weekend. Always nice to see my immediate family & also a pleasure to see the O’Briens, my brother’s inlaws who are awesome & treat me like family too. Phil, as usual, is always enthusiastic & happy to step above & beyond the call of brotherhood, helping out with bucks stuff, invite stuff & lots of other little things he probably doesn’t have time for, but does anyway.
4: My fiance is cool. Well you know she has to be patient to go out with me in the first place, but she continues to put up with all my eccentricities as we spend more time together. She’s thoughtful in a hundred different little ways. Weddings are supposed to be this gigantic stress that tests the mettle of any relationship. If that’s true, I think we could be on a good wicket. I know it has been stressful & incredibly busy (I’d say moreso for Shona) but it has been great for us. I am sure the next 10 days are going to be even worse, moving house & final prep & all that jazz, but I’m also sure we’ll get through it OK.
5: So there you have it. Life is cool. I have to say though, if I am enjoying exams, being in marriage limbo, and having too many things to do with too little time. How good is it going to be in 11 days, when wedded bliss and Bonny Scotland arrive!
I hope you’re looking forward to some photos!


2 thoughts on “F&F

  1. Tim, you forgot that you, too, are cool. And you will be even cooler when dressed in that full length, leopard skin tuxedo jacket I hear you’re wearing next saturday. See you there, we’re praying for you both.

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