Count Down

Friday: Finish exams.
Sunday: Last Church service for a month.
Monday: 8am, meet movers in Dural. Move a bunch of stuff to our NEW FLAT. Clean for most of the rest of the day & move a little stuff from College too.
Tuesday: Move some stuff from Shona’s & then do a couple of trips to College. Sim & Bec came before lunch & did a lot of setting up stuff with Shona in the house. Sim makes a fabulous lunch! That evening, swing into college, planning to pick up more stuff, and end up taking everything, cleaning the room & being officially OUT OF COLLEGE.
So that is me at this point. I am sitting at the college internet cafe, typing in a blog before I head “home” where I get to sleep for the first night. It will be quite different being there all by myself. At the same time, it’s all very exciting. This time 4 days from now, I will be a married man.
This time about 6 days from now, will go back to a short stint as a travel blog!


2 thoughts on “Count Down

  1. 4 days – get outta here! I know it’s soon but saying 4 days is just very weird and very cool!! Hope the next few days can be fun as well the many after.

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