Are you surprised?

After all, I am getting ready for a wedding. I also had sermons & bible studies to write before getting some essays out of the way too!
Still, I know I should be doing better than this. I’ll try & get some posts up over the next couple of weeks. All I have in the way is three exams & then moving house!
Dude, two weeks till I am married (actually under!)!!!! Who’d have thunk it.
Well, there really isn’t much I can do to fill you in on all the crazy happenings over the last month. Dinner with Nic & Pete, Lunch with Ads & Dan, lots of fun times in between. A birthday party (for Ads again) & a whole pile of stuff I can’t even remember. I had several ideas for blogs, which all got cut off when I invested my emotional energy into either church or college.
I haven’t even taken that many photos over the last month. I did take some after the last week though. Please enjoy some more “people shots” portraits of one sort or another.
3rd Birthday-5945.jpg
A cute kid is always a great way to start some pictures. This is my gorgeous little “C” at her 3rd birthday party. Tell me she isn’t adorable & I’ll call you a liar!
Ads had his birthday last week & we went in for a surprise dinner at the “Lowenbrau”. Ads is a holy guy, so I was keen to give him a Halo. One that is actually advertising beer is even cooler!
“J” shows us one of the 9,500 cans, or general foodstuffs that were collected by our parish (some from us, lots from the local community) for our annual food drive today. It goes to Anglicare to help people in need over winter.
I’m ending with Dylan (or “the Canadian Hobo” as I call him at college) who is looking up at all those photos that have come before. him. He gets a lot of photos these days because he is expressive & always happy to get photographed. What a dream combination!
OK, back to study for exams. Let’s see if I can resist the temptation to post a picture of my study stuff like I have done every semester over the last 2 1/2 years….


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