The last couple of weeks have had some very different feels to it. One week I was feeling very American as I took pictures of the Gheev-a-tron pitching a game of baseball, then yesterday felt very British as it poured down rain in Bowral, yet failed to dampen the mood of the lovely wedding of Jody & Eugene.
A picture speaks a thousand words?
Well the following will just about be a thesis length essay then!
Looking for a call
Gheever waits for the call before bringing the heat…
And here it comes. It was a shame that the plate was in the shade area, otherwise you could see the ball a lot better (hovering above his left arm)
The way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.
And now to switch speeds…
The official photographer was setting up J&E for formal shots, which freed me to snipe from the sidelines.
It’s always lovely to see a happy bride!
Big Bling
Jode’s now has both the rock and the band!
“Brother D” and his lovely wife Christy (who was a bridesmaid)
Somehow my gorgeous fiance wants to marry this!! (Though, she took this photo, so she only has herself to blame…)


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Nice use of B/W with the wedding shots.
    Love the action ones in the baseball also. Need to get out photoshop and remove the shadow on the ball.

  2. I love those baseball shots, they are awesome. Do you think you could chuck some others on my jump drive for me?

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