I do like the subjects that stretch my brain. I also have to admit that I have a bit of a thing for the subjects where you have big words. Theology is always good for that. Today we discussed the benefits of Supra-lapsarianism vs. Amyrauldian-lapsarianism!
Organisation will prove to be the name of the game as bits & pieces of work keep flowing in. Lots of stuff to do & little time to do it!
Life at college is proving to be fun though. The guy living opposite me is a young Canadian bloke who is slightly insane, but very fun! Between him, lots of hang time with Dan & hanging with the rest of the dorm, it is all good!
You know, I have a question or two to pose people, but I am feeling a little snoozy & think I should probably read an article or two before I Dan & I go for a walk.
You’ll have to settle for a self-take instead…
Press the Button
The “Busy” button has been well & truly pushed!


4 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Hey bro
    Is that a Moo Brew t-shirt you are wearing? That’s way cool. I want one!
    I’ve tried their wheat beer. It was uber tasty. I’ve never had the pilsner before, but from past experience of pilsners I’m not in a terrible rush to go out and buy a bottle… Ales all the way!
    Nice self portrait too, except you probably shouldn’t have chopped off the top of your head. But then again, I took a few rols of film recently up the coast and I’m only happy with half a dozen of them, so don’t listen to any advice I give 🙂

  2. hey tim, i don’t know your email these days, but thanks so much for the link to the logosdor videos!! i’m taking a class at fuller called “ministry to street children” and they showed it to us, but at the time didn’t have the corect source. i knew it was cool because austrlians made it! 😉

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