I'm only happy when it rains…

OK, so it really BUCKETED down at Jody’s wedding, and it has pretty much been raining ever since. You wont see a Sydneysider complaining though.
I got to sleep with a blanket on last night! Sweet, blessed rain brings cold!
Well, I have class in a minute, so I will leave you with a couple of photos.
Firstly, a rare shot of Shona & I (She’s not easy to corner for a photo! Go figure?)
4 months
Then the second cab off the rank is a photo that really didn’t work at all in colour because of overexposure, but but it in B/W & then amp the contrast a little & I really like it!
It’s from Sam & Arend’s wedding.
The Party
Best viewed Large On Black


2 thoughts on “I'm only happy when it rains…

  1. No.2,
    Loving the cold & rain is a rare trait; the days in Scotland must have touched your heart indeed.
    We’ve just had a wet French weekend – nothing like Australia’s torrential wet, more like spontaneous cycles of sun, cloud, then drizzle – which absolutely enhanced the medieval feel to our chateaux visits. We’ll share some pics soon.
    Love the photo of you & Shona; beautiful…and Shona looks nice too!

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