Fun stuff.

OK, the following post will be quite boring for anyone who is not
A) A Bibliophile, and
B) Into Theology.
If this is you, then you can skip to the two photos at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, read on!!!
I’m excited because I have been ordering some books for my final year on Amazon. I’ve got some good stuff coming my way. Have you read any of these? Got any thoughts? Any suggestions of books that might have a simlar focus?
“Ethics” by Deitrich Bonhoeffer et al. : A handy start for my “Christian Ethics” subject next semester.
“The Gospel of John: A Commentary” by Craig S Keener: 2 Volume commentary. Apparently he is very good, plus he is theologically sound, but comes from a more charismatic background. I am looking forward to this one.
“Daily Bible Commentary: Genesis – Job”, by David Payne & Derek Kidner Et Al.: OK, so it wont be deep enough for a Wisdom Lit subject, but I bought it anyway, firstly because I like Kidner & secondly because it cost 45 cents!!!
“Saved by Grace” and “The Bible and the Future” by Anthony Hoekema : These two are for my Soteriology and Eschatology subject. Apparently one of the only things better than Hoekema’s writings is pronouncing his name!
“A Rulebook for Arguments” by Anthony Weston : Sam Chan says it is Gold for understanding the foundations for people’s arguments, particularly theological ones, which should be good for Apologetics too.
“Philosophy for Understanding Theology” by Diogenes Allen: Come on now! Who wouldn’ want to read a book with a title like this? There’s a dinner party conversation if I ever saw one!
“The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation” by Bruce Demarest: I got told “If you are going to buy one book & cram through it for the “Soteriology and Eschatology” subject, then this is the one. Just steal your ideas straight from Demarest! Betwen Hoekema & Demarest, I should be doing OK.
Well, there you go. A fair bit of reading to keep me going on top of the thousand other irons I have in the fire. All part of the fun of full-time study I guess!
Here are the photos as promised. Nici & Nai, two of my best buddies at college, though they have also proven to cause me more trouble than just about everyone else in this place combined!


3 thoughts on “Fun stuff.

  1. Hey stranger,
    Three on the list are in my list of fav books!
    Hoekema’s two on Grace and Eschatology are bril and Bonhoeffer on Ethics – well, I can never get enough of Bonhoeffer.
    I found Weston’s rulebook helpful for writing essays (and easy enough to read over an amber bevvy on a Friday arvo)
    If you like Demarest, try some of Vanhoozer’s ‘The Drama of Doctrine’
    (I couldn’t go past a name and title like those!)
    books books books
    so many pretty books……
    PS – I bought some more canvas and paints this week just gone. I’ll hopefully be back painting real soon.

  2. Dude that is exciting! A number of them sound quite interesting!
    makes me more keen for college…except for the whole dealines thing…so maybe not hehe…
    I hope there will be some posts about these books post read too!?!

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