Incurring Wrath

Having commented in my last post about how much appreciation I would get for posting no close-up shots of Shona, I feel dutybound to undo all that good.
Of course, I think they are cute shots, so what does it matter.
With a smile
While there are many smiles, this is one of the rare ones fired near the direction of the camera.

I like polka dots!


5 thoughts on “Incurring Wrath

  1. I love these shots, especially the bottom one – great composition – so elegant!
    I’m sure polka dots aint the only thing you love in those pics goldy 😉

  2. Amy, it was a celebration of Shona & Charlotte’s birthdays (Her niece Charlotte, not mine… confusing). Of course, who wouldn’t want to get dressed when they get a chance to see me?

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