A season of Love

And the living is easy
Milbrodale Road at Sunset (Click on the pic to see the Large version on Black, much better)
Have I written about this before?
I suspect more than one of my posts is a repeat, so you’ll forgive me.
Every family has a way of expressing love. For my family, a lot of that love is expressed through food. Let’s just say that over the last week, I’ve been feeling that love!
Tuesday night I was over at P&K’s house, where Amy, Andrew & their three kids are staying. Of course getting to see my nieces and nephews is easily enough to make me happy, but I got the bonus plan. Herb encrusted “Porcetta” for dinner, chocolate-ginger cake, and brownie (and baklava) for desert! The night would have been 100% spot-on had Heapy and I not blown a seemingly insurmountable lead to go down at Trivial Pursuit.
Wednesday to Saturday was spent in the Hunter.
Really, I needn’t say any more….. but I will.
Wednesday night was lamb at Adrian & Susie’s house. They are an awesome Uncle & Aunt. It was an awesome meal & I look forward to sampling an awesome little collection of Whisky that Adrian amassed before his retirement from QANTAS. There had to be 8-10 litres of that stuff!
Otherwise, when I wasn’t trying my hand at bacon and eggs, mum was in the kitchen making us food! You have no idea what it is like. Shona, (who, may I say, fitted right in with the family, having mastered the art of the chewy chocolate bikkie) and I ate pretty solid for a couple of days. It all culminated last night with a steak that was about 4cm thick (an inch and a half for you Yanks out there).
Anyone can eat well and it doesn’t have to be about love. What makes it love is when I mention, off-hand, about how I was reading a recipe for chocolate fudge sauce. Mum then stands up & says, “I can make rich chocolate sauce off the top of my head” and proceeded to proove herself right!
Fortunately, I had room for the ice cream to go with it.
So there you go. It was a week of love. It was spending quality time with Shona, it was spending quality time with family, it was spending quality time killing myself with my fat intake!
So, I’ll leave you with two of my expressions of love.
Firstly, Shona will love me because I posted a picture of her that is not a close up. (How does a girl manage to be that beautiful & still dislike having pictures taken of her?)
The second is a picture of mum’s Labna . This stuff is freakin’ tasty! I love it & I love my mum cause she makes things I love whenever she knows that I am coming to stay. I’m so spoiled!
Why I love my mum


2 thoughts on “A season of Love

  1. Thanks for the wrap Tim! I’ll have to think of new and different things to cook to show how much I love you in future….. but I’m sure you know it anyway.

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