I do apologise for being Missing In Action over the last little while. Lots of stuff to do & not too much time to do it in. I’ll pull my socks up & see if I can’t be a little more regular through the exam period.
It’s been a busy last week & as I sit here on Monday morning, I am not sure if I am capable of much more than some quick details of what I’ve been doing.
Last tuesday was Shona’s birthday, so last tuesday became a chance to swing into the city & live it up a little. You’ll be disturbed to hear, though, that I didn’t take my camera with me! I was certainly disturbed when we arrived at the “Orbit bar” (the revolving bar on the 47th story of Chifley Tower) just at sunset, with all the surrounding buildings having the appearance of great flaming torches, as the last of the sun struggled, red and swollen, over the horizon. I think I managed to convince Shones that the tear in the corner of my eye was from “the moment” rather than the fact that I missed an awesome opportunity for a great photo…
Can I just say, as an aside, that while cocktails at “Orbit” are disturbingly expensive. As a rare experience, I rate it totally! The view alone was worth the cash & the drinks were the kind of things that linger on your memory’s palate long after they have faded from the tongue’s.
Dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe (Heritage, not Epoque) and some chilling at Observatory hill were also required that night. It is easy to love life when you live in Sydney! (and doesn’t hurt to have a dead-set hottie on your arm at the time either!)
Friday was “Youth Surge” with my youth kids. That’s a meeting of Anglican (and some other denominational groups) Youth Groups from the same region. It’s awesome having hundreds of kids together, it’s great to hear God’s word preached faithfully (through Scott Petty, a guy who was a bible study leader at my old church when I was a sprocket!) and it is too cool to see my kids encouraged & enthused by the experience. It’s also fun to have good chats with the kids as you drive them there!
I guess I’ll finish on Saturday morning, though that certainly wasn’t the end to my weekend.
Chelsea turned 21, and I got an invite. We maintained our hanging-out record of rainy days, but it was all good, because the vibe was up & the smiles were on!
Chels’ friends gave one of the better speeches that I have heard for a 21st. It was all done in song & really, I would be doing it a disservice by trying to explain it. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the day.
Good speech
Chelsea’s friends in fine form!
The Birthday girl herself.
Birthday girl
The sweet art of self-take photos lives on!
Finally, have I really posted any pictures if I fail to post a picture of beer? I’d hate to disappoint. Here is the great Tubeo sinking back some sweet sweet nectar.


3 thoughts on “MIA!

  1. Tim, it’s all too easy to look at life through the lens of the camera – As great as you are at photography, nothing would capture that moment…..

  2. p.s. the orbit bar does rock for such occassions – i went there sat night too – also wished i had my camera haha
    glad u guys had a good time!

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