The impression that I get

The impression that I get is that they are referred to as “Simone and Dave” a fair bit. I think I’ll call them “Dave & Sim” just to be different. Saturday was spent in the pleasure of their company. Shona & Sim have been friends for ages & have become really good friends in the last couple.
Of course, I liked them before the weekend…
They had me over to their place to “check me out” (very cute)
Sim makes a mean cocktail.
They both play “Settlers of Catan”, the greatest board game known to man!
Dave is a genuine & funny bloke.
And they came all the way out to Dural to hear me preach. (Being the diagonally oposite side of Sydney, The shire has to be close to an hour and a half from Dural! Sydney’s a big city!)
So heading out for an afternoon on Dave’s dad’s boat was just a clincher…
I was transported back to being 10. In those days it was two or three families on the “HMAS Bundabah”. Big waves, good laughs, and a couple of BBQ chickens & bread rolls when we hit the destination. 20 years later, it’s only two couples, it’s in different (thankfully stiller) waters, but the laughs came as freely and the chook sandwiches still went down as smoothly (Mum will be happy to hear that I still got the “Slimy bits” of the chook!).
Chilling, chatting, and checking out each other’s moon-tans after a long winter. A slow lunch and a quick dip in the still-crisp water. Threatening to push the girls in & delivering a couple of “bombs” next to where they were sitting. I could get used to this kind of life!
I hope Dave & Sim got the impression that I enjoyed myself, because the impression that I get is that this is definately the way to spend a Saturday or two in the soon-to-arrive summer!
In other news, here’s a couple of pictures from Thursday night. It’s the ANZAC Bridge…
Shona has proven to be a very patient photographic apprentice. I give her six months before she is making my shots look like junk!
Bend and curve


5 thoughts on “The impression that I get

  1. Tim, those are REALLY GREAT photos of the Anzac Bridge – it’s not an easy bridge to photograph… good that everyone lets you have those slimy bits!

  2. Tim, that sounds like a great time!
    haha how much are you still just that 10 yr old – threatening to push the girls in – love it!
    Nice shots too by the way – love that bottom one!

  3. Catan is such a great game! Learnt to play it in German in Germany!
    Fantastic shots, as always!!! =)

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