Hooray for Holidays!

Hooray for Holidays!
OK, so I should have blogged more times so far over the holidays, but I am supposed to be relaxing right?
So Adam & I went up to the Hunter Valley for a couple of days. We did some nice breakfast cooking (I may or maynot have had a strongbow at 9:30am to wash down bacon & eggs) and mum did some AWESOME dinners for us, so food was totally looked after.
We visited Susie & Ada’s house & managed to climb the mountain behind it. It’s good to be reminded that you need to get out and exercise more & it is great to be reminded of how extravagant God is, creating so many species of things & such a diverse terrain. Making it up some steep rocks & down some slippery slopes without breaking a bone was also a bonus.
My lovely friends at Peterson’s were as lovely as usual. We scored some lovely plonk from there, some of which we knocked off that evening over dinner. It really makes your day a little chirpier when you get to see genuine, friendly, lovely people who remember you & look after you, even though they have every right to see you as nothing but a customer!
Adam & I had a great time taking pictures all over the place. Lots of beer shots at the Blue Tongue, plenty of jumping shots on different roads (I am a fan at the moment) and a bunch of other bits & pieces from our travels.
To start things off, here’s a little proof that we made it up the mountain.
Ads shows off his tat while we catch a breather at the top of a cliff.
Adam trys to catch the “moody, reflective, ‘I have unplumbed depths if only they were explored'” side of Tim. Or maybe he just wanted me to look tired after hiking straight up the mountain?


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