Helpless hopeless hands

So my sister says I have been gone for too long, so you get a long post by way of apology. (and a picture at the end for you people who don’t really care about all the junk I occasionally write here.)
Do you ever think about how useless the average man or woman is compared to say someone a couple of hundred years ago, or even maybe our grandparents? We buy our meat in vacuum sealed packaged (apparently having to see any kind of beast slaughtered has become enough to turn one vegetarian), our clothes are manufactured, our cars are maintained by our mechanics, even our environment is controlled by little boxes on the wall blowing in cold or hot air as required.
Seriously, (OK, I’m not really that serious about things here) what would happen to me, or to you if we were just dumped in the middle of nowhere, the proverbial desert island maybe, and we had to feed, clothe, and entertain ourselves? No sushi-train, no jeans stores, no you-tube (or!!!) would possibly mean no life!
Who knows? Maybe we would adapt? Could I still learn how to do enough carpentry to build myself a house? Could I dry meat? Could a weave? How much could I entertain myself or others without my gagets?
Don’t worry, this post isn’t all about bleakness. Into this disturbing little thought pattern comes two rays of sunshine. Two men to whom I can look up & aspire to. Don’t let it be said that the “real” life isn’t being led while there is still Matt Lemsing’s & Glendon Mckay’s in this world.
Glendon first.
OK, I’m at Bible College. Most of you good readers know that.
You may not know, though, that my college is in a fairly “inner” part of Sydney. We are talking tightly packed houses. A house has only to stumble before it is tripped over together & buried under a block of appartments. This is the concrete jungle!
I state this purely to deliver a contrast to the view on the piece of concrete outside my dorm. Glendon sits with a bucket of salt, some scraping equipment, a couple of wooden boards and a bunch of hides!
This dude shot a bunch of kangaroos recently and decided to work outside the dorm at tanning all the hides so his kids could make fur hats on ag camp in the holidays!
Is it kind of gross being confronted with skins being scraped of flesh & then dried? Well, yes, a little, but Glendoes still gets award No.1 for “Keeping it real”.
Matt certainly deserves a mention too.
I went to his Oktoberfest party the other night. One might suspect that this would be an excuse for a guy to get rid of home-brewed beer. After all, that is less of a “wild-man” exploit & more of a trendy modern thing to do these days.
Matt didn’t make his own beer.
He did, however, make his own home made sausages & saurkraut!
Who makes their own sausages? I think he’s even working on salamis! All this while maintaining full-time theological study, a wife, three kids & a catechist (student minister) role at Church! Matt certainly keeps it real!
OK, this post is way to long. There is no point to it. I never really seem to believe in conclusions on this blog. Um… maybe take up some kind of “Oldy-worldy” hobby maybe?
Here is the Pic as promised.
Just a small part of what made Tuesday night great.
I went to see Gheever play baseball on Sunday afternoon. He did awesome for his first game! You can see the killer look in the eyes!
The Crew
Saturday was Adam & Ed’s engagement party. For a rare change, I actually appeared in a photo! It was a good afternoon!


4 thoughts on “Helpless hopeless hands

  1. hey mate. mad shots as always.
    i realised i have no way to get onto you asides this…. highly unreliable comment leaving medium. SO. maybe email me? i would very much like those photos asap hey. thanks brother.

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