It’s been a very long week.
Preparing for the sermon I delivered earlier tonight. Stuff for Youth Group. Getting ready for some essays. Confirmation Classes… It all adds up.
This is why last night’s engagement party was such a cool chance to relax and unwind a bit. Enjoy some pics from the night. My shout!
The happy couple
This is Stevie & Rach. It was their engagement party. 1920s I can TOTALLY dig! & Cocktails are all good!
Mandy & Megan
Mandy & Megan. Just two of the cool chicks I get to hang out with at college.
Is there nothing this man cannot do? The Raj knows so much about so much! He looks as smooth as a gravy sandwich in his tux AND he cooked a lot of the awesome food from that night!
Tim “Brother D” Dallimore & Mick, trying their hardest to look like standover men. I was certainly scared!
Yours truly & Shona. It was a baptism of fire for Shones, as there was only her & one other person that wasn’t from Bible College. Luckiy she has mad-skills at making friends!


4 thoughts on “Tiring

  1. Hey Bro,
    Just wanted to say great shots all of them – love the perspective with Steve & Rach shot, and the subjects of the following 2 – great people that they all are…..but particularly wanted to say nice couple shot! 2 great people – 1 fabulous photo (who took it tho?…seems your in it!?!) Great memories of a cool night.
    Lynette (aka “Nanna”)

  2. Awww… You two look like such a cute couple! =)
    As always, a fan of your photos.
    BTW, what’s the name of the shop in Perth you recommended I look at for the F1.8 50mm we were talking about the other night??

  3. Lock it in goldy – while the iron is hot!
    Catchup soon – perhaps this ‘Newtown’ gathering soon.
    Love ya mate – AY

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