A Sovereign God

I’d spent a fair bit of time on Sunday night’s sermon. I had really grappled with this passage & felt like I had a two-handed grip on it. It’s been a great personal challenge to me too. That said, I just didn’t feel like I was in the comfortable position I wanted to be with the sermon itself. It didn’t feel gripping & I had less of that tingly anticipation & more of that nervous apprehension about how it would all pan out.
My lead in to preaching was not ideal that afternoon. I had some rough stuff to do, compounded by the fact that I left a folder with all my sermon notes & confirmation class notes at home (cue the mad drive down to the supermarket to buy some CDs to burn new copies of everything on my laptop so I could print them off at work.)
Bad place. Less than confident with the shape of my sermon but there I was.
Did I mention that Shona came & so did her friends (and my new friends) Sim & Dave, Marty & Jen?
I felt like the sermon itself went fairly average & like I put in a sub-par effort for my visitors.
Sometimes you need a lesson about a sovereign God who works through weak vessels.
One of my parishioners gave me some great feedback, saying that I had really spoken to her that night. Initially I thought she was just being polite, but she repeated the same sentiments a little later. My great visitors also gave me some good feedback (though I was encouraged that they felt comfortable about giving me the honest criticism about my being tied to my notes a bit too).
It was a tough day for me, but as I lay in bed reflecting last night, I realised that God is faithful to me & is seeking to use me even when I feel like crap & don’t feel like I have put a foot right. His strength really is perfected in my weakness!
So thanks to my visitors, thanks to great parishoners & praise be our sovereign God!


One thought on “A Sovereign God

  1. Tim, I see as always you’re too humble and talking yourself down? I’d love to hear a sermon of yours, I can imagine you’d never fail to put in the preparation to make it worth hearing. Currently in London, staying with the Dazman, we’re heading over to the Ukraine on Friday and then I’m home via South America, back in October and hopefully catch you sometime soon! Mike

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