Purpose Driven

These are the hands of “H”.
I think I like this picture because they are the hands of a 1 year old, but the way his hands are posed makes it look like he has some deeper purpose to those sticks, other than the contemplation of whether or not he can eat them!
So I am back in one of those periods (at least this afternoon) where I question my purpose in life. I’d love to know where God would have me, but so far it’s a mystery!
Will I make it to doing a Dip Ed after I finish here?
Will I make it back to Scotland to do schools & youth work?
Will I find a ministry here in Sydney?
Will I end up as a missionary photographer, capturing images for other missionaries around the world to use as support material?
Maybe I can look forward to asking the question “Would you like fries with that” as a future?
What are my gifts?
What is my purpose.
Seeking to Glorify God through contentment and whole-heartedness in whatever situation I find myself in has to be a foundation stone I guess…
That, and diligence… which is why I should stop procrastinating on the net & get back to this darn sermon!


3 thoughts on “Purpose Driven

  1. I have been asking myself very similar questions of late…of course they revolve around God’s purpose for me more than for you, but hey…
    I love that shot too, also cos of the hands…hehe

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