Doing talking

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.
It was on to the Spirit of Tasmania to head down south. I was pretty nervous because I really dislike the open ocean (or more acurately, the process of throwing up every time I go into deep ocean). Still, I was assured that I would be fine & I was dosed on sea-sickness medication, so I was primed and ready.
Sydney gets bent!
Sydney put on a nice view for me as I headed out past the heads. As it turns out, that was not the biggest surprise! It turned out that I really loved the trip! I ran into a friend on the boat, I ate WAY too much for dinner (Buffet style, but a la carte quality). I must have eaten 300gm of smoked salmon alone!
Sighting land
The arrival at Tassie was a sunny one & spirits were high as I decided to head off to Cradle Mountain.
Sweet ride
If I wanted to know why this sweet vehicle had rusted, I didn’t have to ask for long. It started to rain about one minute after this picture.
Cradle by night
I did make it to Cradle though. I had a chance to fire off 4 or 5 night shots before clouds rolled in and spoiled that parade too.
When I got there I found out it would cost me $30 to visit the park in the day, not including camping fees. I ended up camping in my car, by a small river outside the national park. It would have gotten down to about freezing point, but I was in a very toasty sleeping bag (thanks Stevie T). I set the alarm for 5am, (easy when you go to bed at 7:30 in the evening) and the next morning saw thicker rain clouds, so I decided to give up on Cradle & see how far down the west coast I could get… But that is another story…


One thought on “Doing talking

  1. Welcome back brother!
    Those shots are incredibly good (as always, but thought id point it out again haha) You’re amazing! haha
    Especially love the one of craddle mountain!
    Glad you had a good time away! 🙂

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