Second thoughts

On second thoughts you can ignore my last post if you want (all the prelim photos are pretty average anyway).
The really exciting thing about Tasmania, and the one that really should be first cab off the rank, was the reason I was there in the first place.
James & Anita’s wedding was awesome! They are a pair of champions, the wedding party was good fun, I enjoyed taking the photos & I met some really cool people that day!
Everything else is just gravy.
Here’s a shot of the happy couple.
The Kiss


7 thoughts on “Second thoughts

  1. Hi Dude. This is a small world. I got to your blog via Justin’s, via Craig’s.
    I believe Anita and I went to the same highschool and primary school. Her sister and I were in the same year.

  2. hey godly….yes i liked meeting you it was nice…you are taller than what i imagined…with a name like godly i expected…well i dont really know….but you are taller…thats amazing! well anyways nice pics you take a pretty good photo…ps have a good week with ads…watch out….he has a hairy back…shhhh tho he doesnt like people to know. bye :o)

  3. nice fotos dude, tassie was fun times! hahaha whatever rin, i’m just jealous cos your moustache is better than mine 🙂

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