Back without Visuals

Whenever I get back after a little while, I feel a bit at a loss, cause I don’t know where to start.
There are all kinds of happenings from the last week, but those that just happened are far more fresh in my mind.
Well, I might give you all a bit of a taste of what is to come!
Nights sleeping in cars on top of mountains, Star Wars style landscapes, gian cliffs, long walks, freaky possums, distilleries, old mates, new wedding couples, fun photos, sea trips, and sea scapes!
It has all worked toward yesterday that saw me touch down in Melbourne & then basically drive for 17 hours to do the whole great ocean road, then make it up through Victoria & part of NSW to get to my big sister’s place!
I have my camera here, but no way to upload photos, so right now the story reads “leave a small note of my movements & then enjoy hanging out with nieces and nephews, and hold off travel tales till Friday.”
Love your work.


One thought on “Back without Visuals

  1. Dad and I feel left out 😦
    Hey Tim, you could write entries on paper and then post them every day or so when you get back to civilisation!?

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