Missing in action…

OK ladies & Gents, I am most likely to be missing in action over the next couple of weeks. I’m off to Tasmania tomorrow, driving around there for a week, then knocking off the Great Ocean Road for a couple of days, before visiting my sister in Wagga Wagga! Hopefully I will have a nice pic or two to show you all when I get back. In the mean time, here are a couple of shots from Charlotte’s birthday today.
Charlotte shows Peter (my brother’s father in law & a great guy) how to play some hot licks on the “Wiggles Guitar”
Charlotte gets a little help from P&K with the blowing. She’s great at many things but her candle blowing… sucks… (OK, a painful play on words, but I couldn’t help myself)
I got to sink a beer while watching (and very occasionally helping) some of the adults put together a kids play set. Fun for all the family!


5 thoughts on “Missing in action…

  1. Mate she has grown… when’s ur fam going to visit college again??
    PS Did you find a surprise in your pigeon hole.. please check b4 you go.. otherwise I dont want to find it when we get back from the break… cos it won’t be pleasant..enjoy Tassie… send my congrates to the couple..

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