Three Snaps

In the midst of exams….
No time to write something…
Barely time to take any photos…
Three pics just for fun.
The Crew
“The Crew”: This is pretty much my whole church. We had our annual can drive on Sunday. A great day for the church & a good time to get out into the communinty. Of course, I spent pretty much the whole time either studying in an office, or taking occasional pictures like this one.
Incidentally, I got my first media credit for this shot! Click Here to visit the Sydney Anglicans site & read the article about the Church & see my little picture (with my name down the bottom. Yay!!!)
OK, on with the pictures.
The calibre of student we have @ SMBC!
Someone decided to decorate the “Mezzanine” level of the library (basically some weird kind of loft) with a couple of monkeys, some hibiscus flowers & a couple of coconut trees, all made out of cardboard!
It kept me amused!
Bibliophilic Horizons
I just like the perpsective here. Books (actually they are magazines, but who am I go be fussy) disappearing off into the horizon. Bibliophilic bliss!


7 thoughts on “Three Snaps

  1. Hey I can see people I know in that pic of your church! how exciting haha!
    Nice pics, and nice job with the media credit dude – exciting stuff 🙂
    Take care brother!

  2. I am so up for all that you suggested!! It sounds amazing!
    New years is so on! (now its just figuring out how to raise 1,800 before december…)
    for real, i so see this happening!
    hope youre enjoying taz!

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