Studies & shameless plugs

OK, a couple of pics for you.
The first represents my world. Prep for my monday exam. As you can tell, my glasses aren’t that strong, so I couldn’t get a good effect like looking through Michaela’s, but they help me concentrate.
The second picture is just a little shout out to the Cedarville singers. I have a CD full of photos ready to get mailed out to the first Cedarvillian who requests it & sends me their postal address!
I’m pretty sure the look on their faces was the joy they felt at finding out that we were giving them tubes of Vegemite to take home with them!


7 thoughts on “Studies & shameless plugs

  1. LOL! ohhh my word! so, yeah… i dont if by posting this we are friends–or if because you posted this, we can never be friends….
    (OK, so I deleted Kat’s postal address from here. Who knows who reads this blog! –> Tim)
    yes! mail from a male! my cheeks are blushing already…

  2. hmmm, yeah thnks–didnt actually think bout that one…
    i guess thats why youre in school n i’m not~~ see, youre gonna do jus’ swell on your exams!
    (who still says ‘swell’ ??!? thats so 1990’s..)

  3. Haha…wow. Um, when exactly was that picture taken?! Hmmmm…
    And I want a picture CD too!!!
    Sara Douglas
    1234 I don’t want my address public on the Internet
    Privatesville, CZ 4811111
    If they’re anything like the above picture…this will be a very interesting slideshow ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Phil,
    Dude, as my brother, I support you in everything you do, but apparently reading is one things that needs a little bit more support. There are no “S”‘s in Cedarville!
    (P.S. If you have your commenter profile saved for my site, you may want to amend the URL that read golfinch before I fixed it from this end).
    Keep up the (good?) work!
    Sara: Not all the pictures are like that one. I know, it is more funny than flattering (not that any of you take a particularly bad photo), but the rest are a bit better.

  5. OOOO!!! Can I have those pics too? I want some. Please!
    Nikki Johnson
    812 Pine Valley Court
    Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087 USA

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